The organization of “The European Airbrush Shows” gladly welcomes Airbrush artists from the whole of Europe or other parts of the World…… to participate in our Belgian, German or Dutch Airbrush Shows. Do show us the high quality of your works to be chosen and at the shows themselves we ask to, as do the other artists, work a bit on the spot but also to get acquainted with our international airbrush family. Visit our website www.airbrush-show.com and look at the pictures and the quality of our participants….
Are you interested so send us your data, website or possibly pictures (not too big) to hugo.daisy@telenhet.be, you are guaranteed to receive an answer.
Hugo & Daisy Vervliet, +32 15513702, Belgium

Airbrush unfortunately still is a less known and less loved form of art.  Yet the airbrush artists bring a vast beauty and diversity in their works: photo realistic works not to be identified from a real photo as well as incredible full-phantasy images, mixed or not with other art techniques.

The “painting” with airbrush is really atomizing paint with a mini paint pistol on various sorts of support, from a classic canvas all the way to soft bird feathers or brittle ostrich eggs.   The airbrush pistol originally was used by photographers in order to correct their photos, photography evolved so quickly however that this application became obsolete.

How does such an airbrush pistol work? in a nutshell: through a compressor air is being fed to the pistol and because of the under pressure the paint/ink gets evenly sucked and spread, the amount of paint/ink is regulated alone the trigger of the pistol being pushed in and directed forwards or backward..

ORCA is an organization of and for the airbrush artists  within and outside of Europe, to support this art.  In organizing airbrush shows we bring these artist together for them to work together, to discuss their works and motivate one another to even better performances.  The visitors do not get the feeling to only walk through a gallery but to make a fantastic walk in a giant studio with a real workshop atmosphere.