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Organisation : Int. Art Society ORCA

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Airbrush is a form of art, which exists for ages already. We however as art association “Orca”, are only about for approximately 20 years and specialised in Airbrush Art…

….not only what you are familiar with on cars and bikes but especially on canvas and other materials. Mainly you see works of art in the classic sense of the word like paintings on canvas, but the playful or commercial aspects of airbrush are shown as well such as decorating of unusual foundations.

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For 20 years we organise exhibitions in Belgium and the Netherlands. From 2011 on another one in Germany and a biennial in Austria are being added to our events calendar.

On June 22th and 23th, 2013 we organise in the context of the International Us Car Show in Dornbirn (A) the show called “”The Creative World of Airbrush”. We have invited about 40 airbrush artists who are internationally selected.

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The striking difference with other exhibitions is the active character of this Airbrush Festival. All artists do not only display their already created artworks, but they are also working right there and then. Through which, the art loving visitors in the Dornbiner Messe not only walk in a large art gallery but also in an immense workshop, where you can witness the artworks come into existence.

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The practical side is also taken care of, you can gain information and exchange ideas. Last but not least there are well-known suppliers of art equipment available for advice and purchases.

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The entrance for vistors of the Airbrush, US & Bike Show is € 13 – children till 15 year free.